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Over the last 8 years Jeff & Susan Buffington have owned and operated Cold Creek Farm, LLC.  Since they have just taken over here at The Chair Factory, we felt like it was important for you to know what our couples and families are saying about their weddings and overall experience of working with Cold Creek Farm and know that the same high level of service will be afforded to couples & families of The Chair Factory. We do not take our obligation to provide our couples the wedding of their dreams lightly.

  • We had our wedding at Cold Creek Farm two weeks ago, and it was exactly what a wedding day should be. We chose to go with the all-inclusive package that this venue offers and were not  disappointed. The team that was assembled for our big day was what I  call “the dream team”. Never have I heard so many compliments on every  aspect of a wedding- and lucky me, it was mine! The owners- Susan and  Jeff- are basically the nicest people you will ever meet- besides the  photographer that we chose, Cait Carr Photography.
    I was planning my wedding from afar- living in New York and dreaming of a wedding near my hometown in Georgia. My mother found CCF and sent me a  link right here on Facebook. This was it for me. I had looked for hours  and hours at several different barn venues online and was basically  completely worn out. When I saw the photos of this venue, I instantly  fell in love. In fact, when I came home for a long weekend, Cold Creek  was the only venue I even bothered to see in person. This charming and  operational animal farm (yes- there were horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs and probably other animals I didn’t get to see and no, it doesn’t smell like a working farm) was so stunning there was nothing I had seen that  could compare to it. Surrounded for what seemed like one hundred miles  by forests, rolling hills and grassy plains, this was the venue of my  dreams.
    Susan and Jeff made planning a wedding (you know, the biggest day of your life!!) so easy, and worked so well with me, putting up  with any questions I had at any hour, which was probably the reason why  so many people told me “I was the calmest bride they had ever met”. I  especially loved the flexibility they allowed me, with any suggestion I  came to them with i.e. the flower arrangements- one thing I made clear  was that I HATE baby’s breath. Well they had had loads left over from a  wedding the day before and when I saw it Jeff calmly said, “don’t worry, we know you hate it! It’ll be gone by the ceremony”. This really showed me the care that the team puts into every wedding, remembering small  details of each, not getting caught up in any one of the many weddings  I’m sure they do every week.
    When I arrived to the farm on my wedding day, everything was completely set-up and ready for me, down to the  wedding favors being placed at every guest’s seat, and the toasting  glasses placed where we were seated.
    As far as Cold Creek Farm goes, I agree with my guests wholeheartedly- this really was the BEST wedding ever.